Parograd is one of the few browser games, which by its scale, size and quality of the graphics of the game world is not inferior to a good client multiplayer games. The benefit is obvious, it is not necessary to download the game client, but with this game just might not run on laptops and weak office computers.
Game released by the Chinese company Mechanist Games especially for Russia and Poland, therefore lacks inherent in the Chinese developers Oriental flavor. The game takes us into the world of steampunk, the time after the death of a powerful civilization, owning advanced technologies. Players are invited to plunge into the world of the game, intense mechanisms and artifacts, ancient mysteries of the universe. The developers claim that the style and manner of passing game, the main character will have an impact on the game world and the emergence of new interesting quests.
In the game there are four classes of characters: arcanist, arrows, keepers and mediums.
Arcanist use for mental attacks on enemy forces of nature: fire, water, lightning, or use the arrows remote weapons of all types, keepers is strong and hardy warriors, and the mediums used for attacks on the enemy and treat his wounds and restore the health of friends. Continue reading


June 25, 2012 - London, Ontario - company Digital Extremes presented today WARFRAME™, rapid shooter, developed at the moment, which is scheduled to launch free computer games coming winter. The first presentation in the form of Dioramas frozen in the middle of the action will be available online today on the web site PlayWarframe.com or in full high definition channel WARFRAME on YouTube: www.youtube.com/playwarframe. This announcement is a call for players worldwide to register on playwarframe.com that make use of the opportunity to contribute to the development of the game during the closed beta closed Beta this fall.

The action takes place in the far limits of space in a new Dark age. WARFRAME introduces players with Tenno, an imprisoned race is on the brink of extinction, enslaved Grineer for many centuries. Players are WARFRAME on the threshold of victory Grineer over Tenno. However, Tenno began to be equipped with Warframes - old exoskeleton technology, which is able to control only. Hidden among the abandoned things lost civilization era Orokin, new Warframes lie idle and unknown. These artifacts is the only hope Tenno for survival. Continue reading

Metal War Online

Metal War Online is a multiplayer computer game, in which combines such genres of games like racing and third-person shooter. The Creator of Metal War Online is known domestic Studio - GD-Team Limited.

The game action takes place in the near future where the fighting and quarreling with each other two giants: Morgan Industries and the Global Resource Network. Such a plan of relationship they began to unfold even with the “shadow” of the struggle, but eventually the conflict gradually began to turn into a real world war to divide spheres of influence. Corporations even began to resort to the services of mercenaries, thanks to the money which may at any time start a new world war, only if they are for it adequately paid. The struggle of the scale of the entire planet, of course, could not occur but are not excluded in this case, small local battles from Europe to Australia. And the most interesting in the fact that the reason of it all is a unique resource with which you can create artificial (fake) the blood of the best quality. Continue reading

Dragon’s Call 2

Dragon's call 2 is a role - playing MMO game with amazing fantasy world. Players have a choice of 3's character classes. Pumping his hero, you should increase the level of talent. The combat system in the game is automatic, and talents, and the pet will give a big boost to the power. We have prepared for you pictures "dragon's Call 2", so you can fully acquainted with the game interface.

The game begins with a single character, and then gradually you build your squad, hiring fighters for reputation points. If you already have a few warriors, then you can create your own fighting system. Battle group is the method of selection of the best players and formed his own clan. With his clan can already make trips to various events in dungeons and caves. The game also allowed to have a pet. More detailed information about Pets set out in the main game review. We have selected the most relevant screenshots "dragon's Call 2", which you can see as Pets, and combat process. Continue reading

Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is an exciting role-playing action, which is distinguished by its simplicity and unmatched addictive gameplay. This browser hit loves a large number of Internet users around the world. It should be noted that this development is the property of the Corporation Bigpoint. The fact that they had used the miraculous formula for success, which is lifted up on the game Olympus another popular game. However, now the developers decided to use this advantage and proved to be absolutely right, because Drakensang Online has become very popular and beloved at home and abroad. We also encourage you to visit the game Travian.
Events of this amazing Brusarci invented unfold in the Universe, which is called The Dark Eye. This game is very hard to estimate only the screenshots, because the extraordinary atmosphere of the gameplay is important to feel for any Internet user. Gamers will appreciate a nice graphical effects, colorful picture, unique animation that occurs predominantly in the client IMO. Therefore, in this brauzerka should take part every gamer, because the gameplay is indescribable.

This game took 6th place in the top online games in 2013 with a client, due to its unique genre, dynamic and incredible gameplay in DotA style. Cheap london escorts. Colorful MMORPG endowed 3D-graphics and offers the player to plunge into the vast world in which coexist harmoniously PvE and PvP ... Cannoneer virtuoso kernel and guns. These chunky men ideally have mastered the art of continuous fire on the enemy. If such a character to position it is possible to fire each member of the opposing team. Also our top online games in 2013 can be proud of this acquisition as an extraordinary thriller involving orcs, elves, dwarves and humans - Panzar: Forged by ...